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Fast Food

Sometimes being creative you get ideas from ordinary items. The idea for this Subway car came from looking at a Subway cup one day at work. I loved the green to blue fade and the subtle leaves and ice cubes on the cup. So I took a picture of the cup and had to take a picture of the leaf from a napkin to get the subtle leaves on the car. I recreated both the leaves and ice cubes in Adobe Illustrator and then painted the car in Photoshop. The Subway, at&t, GoPro logos I got from Brands of the World. The contigency sponsors (decals in front and behind the front wheel) I got from a set that Alan Harkleroad created at Sim Racing Design, and the number came from Big Evil Racing Design. The NASCAR sim racing community has many talented people like Alan who produce logos, numbers, cars for people to use at a free cost. Also thank you to Matthew O'Reilly at Sim Racing Design for the 3dMax model. It's awesome.

And another idea just sitting at lunch and saw this different In-N-Out logo on the back of the cheeseburger wrapper. I was finally able to get a picture of it, so that I could reproduce it in Illustrator in early October. I guess the logo is from 2013 as that's the copywrite next to it. It's got an older feel to it, so I decided to go with a car painted like a low-funded or 1970's style car. The number came from BER (Big Evil Racing) and the Red Line Oil is from google of all places! Also thank you to Matthew O'Reilly at Sim Racing Design for the 3dMax model.Oh, and the In-N-Out text is Cooper Bold if you're curious.

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